We offer many services to our clients, including permitting, installation, material selection,  monitoring and testing, an purification.


We take the word Services seriously. We’ve spent years figuring out how to do things scientifically, efficiently, less costly, and design requiring the least maintenance. We would like to bring all of that knowledge to your project. Call us and let’s explore the possibilities. Here are just some of the services we provide…

Consultation, Permitting & Installation

We can help you co-create a rainwater harvesting scope that will fit your needs now and into the future. Our consultation and Installation services are at your service in any configuration you choose. We can work with your existing structure, or we can integrate seamlessly with your architect’s design, estimation, permitting, and construction activities. We have a proven track record of staying on schedule and within budget while working with your subcontractors or our own.

Material Selection and Sizing

Deciding and procuring materials can be painless. With our access to every kind of part you can think of, we can help you wade through the choices and decide on the best and most efficient materials you will need for your project. From roof material, above or below ground tanks, pumps, control panel, and the filtration system, we can help you select and supply any or all of it for you.

Deciding what tank to buy and how big it should be can be daunting. We’re happy to calculate the size with you using our interactive tank sizing calculator. Try it yourself if you like.

Long-term Maintenance and Service

Maintenance is easy with the comprehensive maintenance and operation manual we will custom make for your installation. It will be complete and include all drawings and a material list to help with any maintenance or repairs. When you need help we’ll be here to walk you through it or come out and maintain it for you.

Filtration and Purification

As rain falls from the sky, it is much cleaner than your municipal water. However, when it hits your roof it picks up dust and deposits that can contaminate your water.  We customize your filtration system to cope with any contaminants that might get into your water from your roof or elsewhere.

Water-quality and Testing

We can provide all the rainwater tests you need from E-coli to heavy metals and pesticides, or tell you where you can get them done. You only need periodic E-coli testing for potable installations – just like for wells, but it’s nice to know what else isn’t in your water from time to time.